Essex Chain Road - Equestrian, Hiking, Canoe/Kayaks, Overnight Camping

For Wilderness seekers, take the Essex Chain Rd North to the Hudson River

This is a remote region between Indian Lake in Hamilton County and Newcomb in Essex County was off limits to the public for a century, and is studded with little-seen lakes, ponds and rivers, including a long stretch of the upper Hudson. The 19,600-acre complex, which the state acquired in 2013, is easy access via the Gooley Club Road to reach the interior. The 19,600-acre Essex Chain Lakes Complex is part of the Adirondack Forest Preserve. It is comprised of the lands and waters of the Essex Chain Lakes Primitive Area, the Pine Lake Primitive Area and the recently classified portions of the Blue Mountain Wild Forest. Located in the central Adirondack Town of Newcomb, it contains the eight lakes of the Essex Chain, a number of other ponds & lakes, and the Hudson River forms its eastern boundary. The lands are mainly low lying hills.